BSA Caving Merit Badge


Take only pictures, leave only footprints, kill only time.

We need pictures for the Merit Badge Booklet. When you submit a picture there is no guaruntee that it will be used and no royalties and no payment will be expected, available, considered or given. They a submitted free and clear of any incumberances and copyrights. If however a third party makes a request for a picture you have submitted for use, their contact information will be provided to you based on your contact information on file at the time of the request.

We do thank you for your submittals.

Needed pictures include but are not limited to these: Caving gear, formations, fauna, youth caving, rescue gear, rescue methods, gated caves and just about anything else that might be included in the booklet.

Submit your suggestions to bsabadge (at)

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Thank you.

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