BSA Caving Merit Badge Initiative

For many years a Caving Merit Badge has been suggested by Scouts, Scout Leaders and the Caving Community but none has ever materialized.
I have no idea or personal knowledge of those previous efforts but it is easily confirmed that one does not exist.    This page is my effort to develop a set of requirements and accompanying material that could possibly be presented and hopefully adopted by the Boy Scouts of America for a Caving Merit Badge.

As I see it, there will be several obstacles to overcome.     The requirements must meet four criteria.
  1. Safe   
  2. Achievable   
  3. Provide a learning experience   
  4. Promote responsible cave stewardship
More details.
  1. Safe:   The scout may not be put at serious risk.    Risk should not be dissimilar than that in other scouting programs.   The scout shall be able to explain how to cave safely.    The minimum for caving safely and the ideal for caving safely.
  2. Achievable:   The requirements should not exclude scouts that do not live in a karst region or a volcanic region with lava tubes or similar opportunities.
  3. Provide a learning experience:
  4. Promote responsible cave stewardship:   The scout shall understand the unique challenges of cave conservation and the consequences of not protecting not just the cave but the environment of the region.
Of course developing a merit badge is not just creating a list of requirements.    A suitable text must also be developed.

I encourage you to submit your ideas, please send them to bsabadge (at)    Email your suggestions

Periodically I will post the suggestions on this page for comment and review.

Started December 22, 2009.
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